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Julie Novak

is a musician, performance artist, visual artist and graphic designer living in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley. She was recently involved with the Trans-Forming Feminism Conference at SUNY New Paltz in May 2004. She is currently working on recording with her band, Guitars & Hearts, playing drums and singing along with bassist Kate Walker and guitarist, Lauren Camarata. She also designed this site. Contact: [email protected]

Jacinta Bunnell

sincerely believes that the world would be a more benevolent and meaningful place to live if everyone was encouraged to build their own drum sets and to ride skateboards; and if no one was ever ridiculed for wearing rainbow-striped stockings and painting each other's toenails at sleep-over parties. Jacinta believes we could ALL stand to cry and wrestle more. Jacinta fondly remembers that time the Barbies and GI Joes got their voice boxes switched.

Jacinta spent 5 years at Planned Parenthood answering young people's questions about gender, sex, sexuality, sexism, homophobia, and crushes before going on to create two genderific coloring books for people of all ages about some of those very subjects. Contact: [email protected]

Irit Reinheimer

enjoys giving crew cuts to barbies and remolding their plastic feet so they can fit into running shoes instead of high heels, enabling them to participate in more than just beauty contests. Irit also likes dressing up in dad's suits accented by mom's make-up for family meals and special events. Every year Irit takes "Don't Ask, Don't tell" GI Joe to the local Gay Pride March, which is one of these special events. Contact: [email protected]