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"We parents need more playthings like this for our kids!"--Jessica Mills, Maximum RockNRoll

"People of all ages who have been taught to suppress their emotions, wear
specific clothing or work a particular occupation would really
enjoy this creative book. This coloring book is an important tool
that can be used to reinforce positive gender roles in every community."--After the Fall

"Simple and effective in shaking up thoughts on gender roles.
It can be appreciated by girls who learned to climb fences with dresses on or
boys that can bake yummy blueberry pies."--Slug and Lettuce

"A perfect alternative to gender-saturated Disney fare,
it truly honors creativity-and makes it okay to draw outside the lines."--Julia Scott, Bitch Magazine

"A whole new way to deconstuct traditional gender roles.
A great and inexpensive gift for kids age 5 to 95."-- Curve Magazine, 2002 Holiday Gift Guide

"This grassroots coloring book is way better than the 'Barbie Bakes Cookies!' books we had as kids."-- Nervy Girl

"This coloring book works on so many levels. On one hand, it's a perfect
primer for young kids to start them on their way to questioning
socialized gender roles. On another level, each page is original enough
to give even the most seasoned gender bender a good laugh."--Jason Kucsma, Clamor Magazine